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Welcome to the Order of Powers!

Welcome to the Order of Powers, part of Insinuation Gaming πŸ˜€ ( The Guild Hall is OPEN!!! Any donations would be appreciated – whether its Gold, Mats or the items we need, it all helps the guild πŸ˜€ Dont forget 100% rep guys, and everyone play nicely ^^ ~Guitarburnsy Order

Blade and Soul Server Selection

The names of the servers available at launch have been announced! But they’re not great πŸ™ According to the official forums the majority of players from Soha are going to be selecting the Windrest server. For this reason it has been decided that unless things change drastically over the next


We finally got around to it! Well sort of. Enjoy the new multi game community website. We hope you like it. If you don’t… Oh well, too bad πŸ˜›