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Shattered Empire Arrives April 27

The 2.1 update brings new dungeons, a new section to Mushin’s Tower, and brand new PvP game mode. The Shattered Empire update arrives April 27, and brings a variety of new content and rewards to the already vast world of Blade & Soul. Among the features in the update are

PvP Season 1 Begins April 13

Compete for honor, glory, and the ultimate reward: costumes. The first 1v1 PvP season begins on April 13, and those looking to prove their worth as masters of their martial arts will have new rewards to collect. In addition to rewards gained at the end of the season, weekly rewards

Spring Treasure Trove Event

Unlock treasure chests for amazing rewards from April 13–27. The Spring Treasure Trove event offers adventurers the ability to unlock random treasure chests, and then purchase the highly sought-after rewards within for rock-bottom prices. Unlocked Opportunity While the event is active you can click on the Treasure Trove icon at

Hongmoon Store Limited Rotation

Limited time costumes leave the store every other week, and new ones arrive to replace them. The Hongmoon Store limited time costumes change every other Friday, and these fortnightly rotations see some costumes retire (albeit potentially temporarily), and new costumes arrive. It’s important to note that these limited time outfits

Level 50 Overview

Reaching max level opens up challenging content and progression paths. Reaching level 50 means continuing to refine your character, progress through increasingly difficult end-game content, and engaging in repeatable content for consistent rewards. Upon reaching level 50 you have a broad range of content types and activities to engage in.