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Final Fantasy XIV


AC meeting 17-06-2015

17th June 2015 we had a AC meeting on TS. Everyone could say something they like to change in the FC. Well here are some topics 😀 Wishlist Before Heavensward we helped some people with a Wishlist. This was a succes! The most people got there goal, they really wanted before the expansion. Some people like to have it planned in the calander once in 2 weeks so we have a day to help people who needs some help. FC vault We are gonna split the FC vault. 1 slot will be for crafters (ingrediënts they need for crafting), 1 slot for raiders (food, potions, etc.), and 1 slot for some “trash” (like minions, brooms, food for chocobo, seeds for the gardens, etc.). People who are crafting and raiders gonna get the access to the slots they need. So if you need something and you can’t get to that slot, ask someone ...

Help before Heavensward 16-06

Help out today! 16-06-2015 Inv @ 7pm st – Raven T13 5 min break – Tetius Ramuh EX – Tetius Shiva EX 5 min break – Davy Ramuh EX – Davy Shiva EX 5 min break – Princezz Ramuh pony – Grimmjow Shiva Ex pony – Princezz Shiva Ex pony If there is still time left: – Linadhin Ifrit Ex – Kielari T9 WAR weapon, Xander PLD weapon – Kielari T13 MNK weapon, Xander Heal and Tank robe Helping group Tank: Beradon Evers Angel Grey ?  T 13Robe Tank Dps: Prinzess Tenshii Mira Gush Kielari Dindanask Healing: Prikkie Kawaii Xander Lucius Back up Relm Barklight Grimmjow Jackerjack