Blade and Soul


Shattered Empire Arrives April 27

The 2.1 update brings new dungeons, a new section to Mushin’s Tower, and brand new PvP game mode. The Shattered Empire update arrives April 27, and brings a variety of new content and rewards to the already vast world of Blade & Soul. Among the features in the update are two new Heroic dungeons, Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament—which is the greatest group content challenge yet. When you’re not succumbing to soul-crushing defeat in Sogun’s Lament, you can climb a new section of Mushin’s Tower (F9–15) to face brutal new tests of skill in this unique solo experience. And when it’s time to blow of some steam, you’ll experience a brand new objective-based PvP game mode—Whirlwind Valley—in fast and furious 6v6 team-based combat. Stay tuned for an overview of the 2.1 update.

PvP Season 1 Begins April 13

Compete for honor, glory, and the ultimate reward: costumes. The first 1v1 PvP season begins on April 13, and those looking to prove their worth as masters of their martial arts will have new rewards to collect. In addition to rewards gained at the end of the season, weekly rewards will also be given out for participating and maintaining—or improving—your class rank. Distribution of rewards occurs during the weekly Wednesday (PDT) server maintenance. Along with the official in-game season rewards, we’re also giving out exclusive rewards to the winners of partnered NCSoft community tournaments. Win a community tournament with the below partners during Season 1 and receive first-chance at a Bamboo Costume bundle, including head gear and costume, as well as Hongmoon coin. You can also win a Bamboo Costume just by watching the events live, as these tournament organizers will have costumes to give out during their streams.

Spring Treasure Trove Event

Unlock treasure chests for amazing rewards from April 13–27. The Spring Treasure Trove event offers adventurers the ability to unlock random treasure chests, and then purchase the highly sought-after rewards within for rock-bottom prices. Unlocked Opportunity While the event is active you can click on the Treasure Trove icon at the bottom of your screen, and once per day per character unlock a treasure chest for free. Additional chests can be opened by purchasing and using Spring Treasure Trove Keys. When opening a chest you’ll be presented with a selection of items to purchase from with gold. After opening a treasure chest you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of the items presented to you. Choose wisely, as you’ll need to wait until the next day—or by using a Trove Key—to show a new selection of items, and the opportunity to purchase another item. Only two Treasure Trove item slots will be unlocked to ...

Hongmoon Store Limited Rotation

Limited time costumes leave the store every other week, and new ones arrive to replace them. The Hongmoon Store limited time costumes change every other Friday, and these fortnightly rotations see some costumes retire (albeit potentially temporarily), and new costumes arrive. It’s important to note that these limited time outfits are only available for a two week period, and it’s unknown when (if ever) they’ll return. Arriving April 8 White Night   Cobalt Captain and First Mate adornment

Level 50 Overview

Reaching max level opens up challenging content and progression paths. Reaching level 50 means continuing to refine your character, progress through increasingly difficult end-game content, and engaging in repeatable content for consistent rewards. Upon reaching level 50 you have a broad range of content types and activities to engage in. Dungeons Coordinated group content is one of the most commonly explored types of content at max level, allowing you to take on increasingly difficult content for better rewards. Whether you queue for an instance alone, or approach it with a group of friends, dungeons are one of the best ways to continually improve your character. Expert Dungeons Good for: Gold, Experience Tainted Lab Talus Dungeon Ogong’s Folly The Shrieking Caverns Chuanka Ice Cavern Heroic Dungeons (available in 6-member and 4-member) Good for: Gold, Experience, Weapon/Accessory Evolution Materials, Cosmetics, Soul Shields Avalanche Den Awakened Necropolis Lair of the Frozen Fang Large Scale Content Large scale content ...