About Us

Insinuation Gaming has now been around for 5 years with communities growing across five massive multiplayer online games, all of which have been around since the original launch of each game.

Community Standards

The community itself does not have many rules, but it prides itself on being friendly and inclusive to all players; whether your new, old, experience or completely new to the game, there is a space for you. A few of the basics are;

  1. EVERYONE gets along with everyone – its pretty simple, if you do not like someone please have a chat to an officer and they will try and resolve whatever problems you have.
  2. No Drama – You can either sort the problem between the people involved or a friendly officer will step in and try to help.
  3. Respect the OfficersOFFICERS ARE PEOPLE TOO!!! – They have all been elected to help you guys, to keep the guilds running and make sure everyone can have fun.
  4. Mind your language – We do not mind a bit of cursing but people remember some people are offended by it so try to be mindful of that.
  5. Not everyone is English – The community has members based in many different countries and therefore not everyone speaks English as a first language. Be mindful that some people are learning and practicing so be patient and give them time.

Order of Powers – A Brief History

Order of Powers was started in Guild Wars 2 at the launch of the game by Mighty and Terrible and Spearmint Trooper, as well as a couple of there friends. Since then, it has grown and fluctuated between 300 and 500 members through different guild events and changes of leadership. After a year of the guild running, the founders stepped back and left the guild in the hands of Guitarburnsy who has kept the guild moving forward since. The guild itself has always been well known and respected in the PeVePe community on Seafarer’s Rest as a strong and historic guild on the server with influence in their communities decisions. Order of Powers is one of the oldest guilds still around in Guild Wars 2.